The Daily Deal


Every week we put out a new ‘Daily Deal’ that will offer services, audio and video products as well as lighting and lighting control products. These deals sometimes include limited quantities depending on availability. Feel free to contact us to see if deals can be mixed and matched or if this is the right deal for your application.


The new Sonos Sub                                 each  $ 699.00





Sonos Equipment Package #1 – 1 Room:

  1. Qua 1 Bridge
  2. Qua 1 Play3 Speaker                 Package Deal  $ 339.00



Sonos Equipment Package #2 – 2 Rooms:

  1. Qua 1 Bridge
  2. Qua 2 Play 3 Speaker                 Package Deal $ 639.00



Sonos Equipment Package #3 – 3 Rooms:

  1. Qua 1 Bridge
  2. Qua 2 Play 3 Speaker
  3. Qua 1 Connect                            Package Deal $ 919.00


Please call Artista Technologies to purchase your Sonos equipment and schedule an appointment for installation. Sales Tax and Installation are not included in the package deal. Our basic installation fee of $220.00 includes two hours of installation and setup time, as well as a hands on tutorial of the Sonos interface. No need to struggle setting up your music system, we’ll do it for you!

Sonos Installation Deal Includes the following:

  1. Delivery and setup of your new Sonos music system.
  2. Load the Sonos software to your laptop or desktop
  3. Program the Sonos App to your smart phone or tablet
  4. Setup free Pandora streaming music via Sonos
  5. Link your I-tunes music library to your Sonos system.
  6. Provide a tutorial on how to use your new Sonos system.

Call Today to get started in the world of streaming music, from the best music system on earth!