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Why Retrofit my Lighting:

Imagine that you could help impact the global effort of energy conservation and lower your carbon footprint at the same time.  Imagine that this retrofit would pay for itself in less than 24 months and then become cash flow for you or your business. This is one of a few capital improvements that will actually pay for themselves in a very short time.

A lighting retrofitted performed Artista Technologies using LED’s is an example of a new and exciting development in the world of energy efficient lighting.  The fixtures and lamps that we retrofit include many types of  incandescent and fluorescent/ballast combinations. The newly retrofitted fixtures use new and exciting technology requiring less electricity and lasting up to 50,000 hours.  This means maintenance and replacement costs drop dramatically, along with energy costs.  Also, these new LED’s are environmentally friendly since they contain no destructive chemicals such as Mercury that is contained in fluorescent light bulbs. These discarded fluorescent lamps are typically sent straight to our landfills, at Artista Technologies we insure these lamps are properly recycled.

Energy savings of up to 65% is reflected directly on your utility electric bill and immediately begins saving you money, all day long. You now have the ability to take that savings and put it directly towards other capital improvements or expenditures needed throughout your facility. You are now also lessening the demand on your electric utility, lowering your carbon footprint.

By making a change to LED lighting it’s a win, win, win. We win economically, our landfills win by reducing toxic waste and our carbon footprint is lowered which is a great benefit for the word that we live in!

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